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Client. KIA

Title. Return of the Stingers

ECD: Greg Milbourne

CD: Peter Higgins

To launch the new KIA Stinger, we pitted three online influencers against each other in the road trip of all road trips. They had to bring the KIA Stingers back to the UK from Monaco. In the most engaging way. On their journey home, the vloggers battled to get the most likes from their followers by coming up with the coolest ways to showcase the car's performance, style and comfort.

All in all, during the 4 day road trip our team of community managers and influencers posted over 90 pieces of Instagram or Facebook content tailored for our performance car audience. The launch film was viewed over 6,000 times in the first week. The campaign received almost 120,000 engagements, and during the trip, Kia’s organic Instagram engagement rate grew by 44%.

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